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“Internet won’t save the world, but curing diseases will.”

                                                                                 -Bill Gates

Are you a good programmer? You can save the world!

Big dataanalysis will revolutionize healthcare and medicine.
If you are an excellent programmer, you can help cure diseases!

Come work with us for your Master project to learn how!

Study our other genome from 100 trillion guests

Each of us carries 2 kg of bacteria in our gut– 100 trillion bacteria from thousand different types. They play a major role in our health and diseases, but we still do not know how. Explore how imbalance in these bacteria can cause disease!

Take up computational challenges

Play with 100s of terabytes of next generation sequencing data from gut bacteria. Develop high performance algorithms to crunch them.

Be creative and innovate

Develop statistical and machine learning tools to model the role of bacteria in diseases.


For more information, contact Assoc. Professor Mani Arumugam