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The GUT, GRAIN & GREENS (3G) project

The GUT, GRAIN & GREENS (3G) project within Center for Gut Microbiota, Metabolic Disorders, and Grain-based diets

Master thesis opportunities 

Association between gluten intake and satiety

Section for Metabolic Genetics

Gluten is present in high amounts in western-type diets. However, very little is known of how dietary intake of gluten affects satiety and therefore influences the human body weight regulation. Within the 3G human intervention studies, we have following Master student opportunities to study how dietary gluten affects satiety:

Aim: To determine how a gluten poor versus a gluten rich dietary intervention (randomized cross-over study) affect markers of satiety.

Design: Selected 3G data on 60 subjects included in the 2*8 weeks intervention. Possible data to be included:

  • Subject anthropometrics and characteristics.
  • Gluten intake in each of the intervention periods (self-reported daily diary) plus background diet (4 days precoded diary). 
  • Subjective satiety and fullness sensation and lower degrees of hunger sensation of satiety (VAS schemes), before and after each intervention period.
  • Fasting and postprandial concentrations of different anorexigenic appetite hormones
  • Energy intake at an ad libitum lunch meal before and after intervention.

Several projects are arising from the research.

For information, please contact Scientific Assistant Mia Linda Madsen mlm@sund.ku.dk or Postdoc Kristine Højgaard Allin kristine.allin@sund.ku.dk