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Maja Lind Nybo Rasmussen

Maja Lind Nybo Rasmussen

PhD Student

Current research

The prevalence of obesity has increased over the past three decades and a possible reason for this is the increasing consumption of carbohydrates in both developed and developing countries. Thus, the identification of endogenous factors that regulate macronutrient intake is an important unsolved issue in metabolic research. I hypothesize that the endocrine hormone fibroblast growth factor 21, FGF21, is one such endogenous factor regulating carbohydrate intake.

This project aims to elucidate the molecular pathway(s) and neuronal circuit(s) by which this hormone controls macronutrient preference. Investigating the role of FGF21 in macronutrient preference may lead to a novel and effective strategy and possible treatment of the global obesity epidemic.

ID: 128837353