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Staff overview

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research

Metabolic Genetics | Integrative Physiology | Metabolic Receptology
Translational Metabolic Physiology | Metabolic Imaging and Liver Metabolism | Science Communication
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To sort the list after Title or Job responsibilities, click on the respective headlines below:

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Adam BencardMuseum Inspector Assistant Professor +45 353-20875E-mail
Agnete Troen LundgaardMaster's Thesis Studentt  +45 353-32367E-mail
Albert PallejaPostdoc  +45 353-37001E-mail
Alireza KashaniPhD Student  +45 60 85 62 87E-mail
Ana Cristina Mosebo FernandesPA & Research Coordinator  +45 353-32865E-mail
Andreas Nygaard MadsenVisiting Researcher  +45 24 80 56 29E-mail
Anette BjerregaardLaboratory Technician   E-mail
Anette Marianne Prior GjesingInternational Researcher   E-mail
Anna Elisabet JonssonPostdoc  +45 353-37004E-mail
Anna Katrine SkauBioanalyst   E-mail
Anna Skab HassingMaster's Thesis Student  +45 353-37702E-mail
Anna Sofie HustedPhD Student  +45 353-37006E-mail
Annaleigh Ohrt FehlerResearch Student Assistant  +45 353-37007E-mail
Anne-Sofie GraaePhD Student  +45 353-37010E-mail
Annemette FormanBiomedical Laboratory Technician Collecting human samples from trial participiants, physiological studies: ogtt, mmit. freezerlogistic +45 20 20 76 26E-mail
Annie Jane PinderPhD Student Computer science, Algorithms, Microbiome, Data +45 353-33521E-mail
Arturas MaslauskasFinancial Officer Budgeting, economy, financial reporting, follow-up on NNF grant, external grants budgeting preparation and approval, salary allocation and forecasts, budget disposition for international alliances +45 353-37012E-mail
Aske Wulff HelgeResearch Student Assistant  +45 353-34866E-mail
Astrid Linde BassePostdoc Circadian rhythm, Exercise, NAD salvage pathways, Nampt, Skeletal muscle, Mouse, Insulin sensitivity, Type 2 diabetes, Glucose metabolism, PCR +45 353-33028E-mail
Barbara ThaysenLaboratoryTechnician In vivo, Tissue, Blood, Genotyping, PCR, qPCR, Micro array, Micedatabase, Primary Cells, RNA purification, ELISA, FACS +45 353-34170E-mail
Behnam SepandiIT Support Officer IT support and service: ordering, installation, optimisation +45 353-27219E-mail
Berit SvendsenPostdoc  +45 353-27536E-mail
Bine Ellis ThomsenCommunications and HR Officer MA in Cross cultural studies; HR: postdoc and TAP hire; Communications: web, press release, text production, internal communication +45 21 91 11 75E-mail
Birgitte HolstProfessor Group Leader +45 353-37586E-mail
Bjørn QuistorffProfessor   
Bolette HartmannAssociate Professor Gut hormones and Bone Remodeling +45 353-27501E-mail
Brice EmanuelliAssistant Professor Group Leader +45 353-37016E-mail
Camilla Charlotte SchéeleAssociate professor   E-mail
Camilla Helene SandholtAffiliate (Postdoc)  +45 353-37125E-mail
Caroline Bibi Trunk-Black JuelAffiliate (PhD Student)   
Caroline Heje Thonresarch assistent  +45 353-37391E-mail
Carolyn F. DeaconAssociate Professor Group Leader  
Cecilia Friis RatnerPostdoc  +45 353-37017E-mail
Cecilie Nandrup-BusAffiliate (PhD Student)   
Cecilie Hundahl JohnsenPhD Student  +45 353-37019E-mail
Charlotte Bayer ChristiansenPhD Student  +45 353-34473E-mail
Christian GardePostdoc  +45 353-34650E-mail
Christian Riis FormanStudent Assistant   E-mail
Christian Theil HaveResearch academic officer  +45 353-37024E-mail
Christian Tobias Torp-PedersenGuest Researcher  +45 353-31953E-mail
Christina M Foglander JensenSenior Legal Adviser  +45 353-35380E-mail
Christine BøjsøePhD Student  +45 353-31145E-mail
Chunyu JinStaff Scientist  +45 353-37026E-mail
Cilius Esmann FonvigAffiliate (PhD Student)   E-mail
Danial AhwaziMaster's Thesis Student  +45 353-25398E-mail
David LassiterVisiting Researcher   E-mail
David Wray FeatherstonSenior Reseach Coordinator Fundraising support & Innovation consultancy for center scientists: grant writing & scouting, project brainstorming workshops, network & out-reach activities. Coordinates the Group Leader and Postdoc Forums. +45 51 82 70 08E-mail
Ditte Maria BohnSenior HR Adviser MA Communication & Languages; Recruitment of: PhD, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor and all international recruitments. Advice on maternity/paternity leave, holiday, sick leave and leave of absence +45 353-37526E-mail
Dolly Nenga Malama KazokaLaboratory Technician  +45 353-37028E-mail
Ehm Astrid Andersson GalijatovicPostdoc  +45 353-37130E-mail
Elahu Gosney SustarsicPostdoc  +45 353-37740E-mail
Elin Holm AndersenBachelor Student  +45 353-34917E-mail
Elisa Pouline JensenResearch Assistant  +45 25 59 97 39E-mail
Elisabeth Christiansen   
Emil AndersenPhD Student Epigenetics, DNA methylation, Adipose tissue, Adipocytes, Clinical research, Cell culturing, MACS, Sequencing +45 53 32 10 12E-mail
Emilie DalbramMaster's Thesis Student  +45 353-33791E-mail
Emilie Glad BakPhD Student  +45 353-31510E-mail
Esben Mørk HartmannStudent assistant   E-mail
Eva Pers Winning IepsenPhD Student  +45 353-27500E-mail
Franziska MendeResearch Assistant  +45 353-37032E-mail
Gerald I. Shulmann   E-mail
Gert Fredrik BäckhedProfessor   E-mail
Grete Riis LademannSection Secretary Personal Assistant, section secretary, invoice management, expense reporting, purchases +45 353-37122E-mail
Gry Julie KlavsenBiomedical Laboratory Technician Genotyping, Sequencing, PCR, extraction (DNA/Bacterial DNA), Patientstudies +45 353-37035E-mail
Hanne VarmarkSenior Research Coordinator, MSc, PhD Assisting and consulting Center scientists: Fundraising, grant writing support, career and skill development workshops, network activities, support of Group Leader Forum and educational activities +45 353-37036E-mail
Henrik JessenResearch Student Assistant  +45 36 33 48 15E-mail
Henrik VestergaardAssociate Professor Group Leader +45 353-37038E-mail
Hjørdis Louise Jørgensen TrappCenter Secretary Bilingual Correspondent, Registration of holidays and absence, proof-reading, electronic invoice management, expense reports, purchases, digital archiving and electronic records, recruitment of Research Assistants +45 353-33159E-mail
Ida DonkinPostdoc  +45 353-34012E-mail
Ida Marie ModvigResearch Assistant  +45 353-33524E-mail
Ida Marie ModvigMaster's Thesis Student  +45 353-33524E-mail
Iuliia KaravaevaResearch assistent  +45 353-31258E-mail
Jacob Ardenkjær-Larsenmaster student  +45 28 28 97 13E-mail
Jacob Michael McGlashonAffiliate (Researcher)   E-mail
Jakob Bondo HansenPostdoc  +45 353-30780E-mail
Jane Sohn ThomsenSenior Research Coordinator, MSc, PhD Project manager of two NNF Challenge Grants awarded to Scientific Directors Thue Schwartz and Juleen Zierath, respectively; provides research coordinator assistance tailored to the Schwartz and Zierath Sections. +45 353-37043E-mail
Jennifer Lyn BakerAssociate Professor  +45 353-34667E-mail
Jens Lund  +45 353-32643E-mail
Jens PedersenPostdoc  +45 353-27439E-mail
Jens Christian ØllgaardAffiliate (Research Assistant)  +45 353-36328E-mail
Jens Juul HolstProfessor, MD, DMSc Scientific Director +45 353-27518E-mail
Jens Skjoldan SvenningsenResearch student assistant  +45 353-33281E-mail
Jens-Christian HolmAssociate Professor   E-mail
Jeppe Hvidtfeldt EkbergPhD Student  +45 353-37045E-mail
Jette Bork-JensenResearch academic officer  +45 353-37046E-mail
Jinyi ZhangVisiting Researcher  +45 353-37116E-mail
Johanne Marie JustesenPhD Student  +45 353-37076E-mail
John James NolanExternal Affiliate (Professor)   
Jonas Thue TreebakAssociate Professor Group Leader +45 24 80 53 98E-mail
Juleen R ZierathProfessor Scientific Director +45 353-37048E-mail
Julia GusatovicResearch Student Assistant  +5635333566E-mail
Julia PeicsResearch Student Assistant  +45 42 72 43 54E-mail
Julie LeePostdoc   E-mail
Julie Rehné LundgrenPhD fellow Translational Metabolic Physiology +45 353-31119E-mail
Jørgen K. KantersAffiliate (Associate Professor)  +45 353-27402E-mail
Kaare Villum GrunddalResearch Assistant  +45 353-37059E-mail
Kaja PlucinskaPostdoc  +45 353-34918E-mail
Karen Nørgaard NielsenPhD Student  +45 353-37865E-mail
Karina Nørgaard Kaadtmannservice secretary  +45 29 61 79 24E-mail
Karolina Sulekpostdoc  +45 353-32810E-mail
Kasper FaarkrogAffiliate (PhD Student)   E-mail
Kasper Skov KjærulffStudent assistant   E-mail
Katharina StohlmannLaboratory Technician Laboratory Technician  E-mail
Ken ArnoldScience Communication Director  +45 353-30692E-mail
Kirsa SkovPhD   E-mail
Kirstine Sloth TølbølAffiliate (PhD Student)   
Kitt Mia Falck Petersen   
Kiymet CitirikkayaLaboratory Technician Cell culture, blood, DNA/RNA/ protein extraction, qPCR, PCR, cloning, lentivirus, Western Blotting +45 353-37054E-mail
Kristian Aasbjerg AndersenAfiliate   E-mail
Kristine WilliamsPostdoc  +45 353-34638E-mail
Kristine Højgaard AllinAssociate Professor  +45 353-37055E-mail
Kristine Højgaard AllinAffiliate Associate Professor  +45 353-37055E-mail
Kristoffer Lihme EgerodAssistant Professor  +45 353-27606E-mail
Lam Opal HuangPostdoc  +45 353-33037E-mail
Lars Roed IngerslevPhD Student  +45 353-37060E-mail
Lene ElkjærSection Secretary  +45 353-30908E-mail
Lene Brus AlbækBiomedical Laboratory Technician  +45 353-27516E-mail
Line EngelbrechtsenPhD Student  +45 353-33639E-mail
Line Klingen HaugaardPhD Student   
Lisbeth Meyer PetersenAnimal Technician  +45 353-32607E-mail
Lola Julie TorzPhD Student  +45 353-34892E-mail
Lone PeijsPhD Student   E-mail
Louise JustesenResearch Student Assistant  +45 353-37064E-mail
Louise Emma WhiteleyAssociate Professor Group Leader  E-mail
Louise Julie SkovPhD Student  +45 353-37065E-mail
Louise K. Jühne PaulsenHead of Administration Responsible for the development of all financial, legal and other administrative services at the Center +45 353-37066E-mail
Mads Rosenkilde LarsenPostdoc  +45 353-30701E-mail
Maja Lind NyboPhD Student  +45 353-34787E-mail
Malthe Boye BjerregaardAcademic Officer  +45 353-20887E-mail
Malthe Boye BjerregaardCurator   E-mail
Manimozhiyan ArumugamAssociate Professor Group Leader +45 353-37581E-mail
Mari Lilith LundPhD Student  +45 353-37073E-mail
Maria Baré HolseSection Secretary Section secretary, PA to Scientific Director Juleen Zierath and Dr Romain Barres; invoice coordination, travel booking, preparing shipments of samples, ordering of office supplies, student support, ergonaut, news officer +45 353-37288E-mail
Maria Camila Alvarez SilvaResearch assistant  +45 353-36512E-mail
Maria Camila Alvarez Silva   
Maria Hauge PedersenPhD Student Birgitte Holst Group  E-mail
Maria Lukács KrogagerGuest Researcher  +45 353-35324E-mail
Maria Saur SvaneAffiliate (PhD Student)   E-mail
Marianne Agerholm AndersenPost Doc  +45 353-37075E-mail
Marianne Gregers JohansenLaboratory Technician  +45 353-34413E-mail
Marianne Møller AndersenBiomedical Laboratory Technician DNA/RNA, RTqPCR, PCR, FACS, Western Blot, Glycogen assay, Glucose Uptake H3+C14, cells, mice and human studies +45 353-37074E-mail
Marie Aare BentsenPostdoc  +45 27 20 48 44E-mail
Marie Balslev BackePostdoc  +45 353-30773E-mail
Marie Sophie Lykke IsidorPostdoc  +45 353-36550E-mail
Markus Lauge EikenResearch Student Assistant  +45 353-32159E-mail
Marte Saupstadstudent research assistent (fu)  +45 353-32857E-mail
Martin AasbrennVisiting Researcher  +45 353-32965E-mail
Mathilde SvendstrupPhD Student  +45 353-37077E-mail
Matthew Paul GillumAssistant Professor  +45 353-37078E-mail
Maya Jeje Schuang Lü  +45 353-34005E-mail
Mette HollenstedPhD Student  +45 353-37128E-mail
Mette SimonsLaboratory Technician Laboratory Manager +45 353-27607E-mail
Mette TrauelsenPhD Student  +45 353-37775E-mail
Mette Korre AndersenPostdoc  +45 353-37881E-mail
Mette Yde HochreuterPhD Student  +45 353-37080E-mail
Michelle Christiana GoreckiAffiliate   E-mail
Mie JørgensenSpecial Consultant MA in International Business Communication, Overall planning and coordination of activities at Medical Museion, Human ressources, economy, fundraising, purchases +45 51 50 13 02E-mail
Mie MechtaResearch Assistant  +45 353-37082E-mail
Mie Korslund Wiinblad CrusellPhD Student  +45 353-37083E-mail
Mikkel FrostPhD Student  +45 353-35637E-mail
Mille Bækdal NielsenPhD   E-mail
Monika Yosifova SaltielResearch assistant   E-mail
Morten DallPhD Student  +45 353-37088E-mail
Morten LundhPostdoc  +45 353-37090E-mail
Nadja Buus KristensenPhD Student  +45 353-37091E-mail
Naja Zenius JespersenPhD Student   
Nanna GerdesMuseum Conservator Cand.scient.cons, Academic Conservator; conservation and preservation of historical and recent biomedical and metabolic objects and records, exhibition, collection, curation, registration, documentation, mounting, climatic evaluation +45 31100160 (SMS)E-mail
Narges SafaiPhD Student   
Natalia PetersenAssistant Professor  +45 353-34085E-mail
Nicolai Jacob Wewer AlbrechtsenPostdoc  +45 353-30485E-mail
Niels GrarupAssociate Professor Group Leader +45 353-37126E-mail
Niels Christian Bech VilstrupSenior Curator Museum Inspector, Acquisition of metabolic objects, Exhibitions, Curating Medical objects, History of Medicine, The Collection at Medical Museion +45 353-23867E-mail
Odile Martine Julie FabrePostdoc  +45 353-37093E-mail
Ole Hvilsted Olsen   E-mail
Ole Lindgård DollerupPhD Student  +45 353-30997E-mail
Olga RudenkoPostdoc  +45 353-27342E-mail
Oluf Borbye PedersenProfessor, MD, DMSc Group Leader +45 353-37121E-mail
Pascal Nordgren TimshelResearch Assistant  +45 353-34506E-mail
Patricia Stephanie S PetersenLab Assistant  +45 353-30226E-mail
Paul-Theodor Pyl  +45 353-34726E-mail
Peter RossingHonorary Professor   
Peter SandbeckSenior Adviser Data Manager, M.Sc., data management, databases, programming, websites, genotyping software +45 353-37132E-mail
Piotr DworzynskiPhD Student  +45 353-35549E-mail
Rachid BojazarResearch Student Assistant   E-mail
Rasmus Hytting-AndreasenResearch Assistant In vivo, qPCR, PCR, Genotyping, Breeding +45 353-34601E-mail
Rebecca Hinrichsen JebergLaboratory Manager Laboratory Manager +45 353-37114E-mail
Regitze Kuhr SkalsGuest Researcher  +45 353-35286E-mail
Rhianna Che LakerPostdoc  +45 353-31197E-mail
Richard James SteedSenior Communications Adviser Responsible for external media coverage, including national and international media. Writing stories from our research, building relations with journalists, strengthening social media platforms and increasing awareness of the Center through specific public engagement activities +45 353-27840E-mail
Roldan Medina de GuiaPostdoc  +45 353-31365E-mail
Romain BarrèsAssociate Professor Group Leader +45 353-37025E-mail
Rune Ehrenreich KuhrePhD Student  +45 353-30785E-mail
Réka GéczyLaboratory assistant   
Sabina ChubanavaResearch assistant   E-mail
Sabina ChubanavaResearch assistent  +45 353-32352E-mail
Samuel Addison Jack TrammellPostdoc  +45 353-35601E-mail
Sandra Breum AndersenInternational Researcher   
Sara Hyldegaard LystbækResearch assistant  +45 353-35447E-mail
Sara Lind JepsenPhD Student  +45 353-34803E-mail
Signe Abitz WintherAffiliate (PhD Student)   E-mail
Signe Sørensen TorekovAssociate Professor  +45 353-27509E-mail
Siv Annegrethe HjorthAssociate Professor  +45 353-34877E-mail
Solveig Skovlund Groenstudent assistant  +45 353-31034E-mail
Steen Seier PoulsenAffiliate (Associate Professor)  +45 353-27253E-mail
Stine Lindberg VedersøLaboratory Technician In vivo, Tissue, Blood, Genotyping, PCR, qPCR, Micro array, Micedatabase +45 353-37528E-mail
Stine Ninel HansenGuest researcher  +45 353-32853E-mail
Stine Ninel HansenGuest researcher  +45 353-32853E-mail
Susanne HummelgaardBiomedical Laboratory Technician Cell Biology, In Vitro Assays, ELISA, RIA, MSD, Genotyping, Molecular Biology, In Vivo compound formulation +45 353-37530E-mail
Søren MadsenPhD Student  +45 353-37533E-mail
Tao MaPostdoc  +45 353-30113E-mail
Tarun Veer Singh AhluwaliaPostdoc  +45 353-37135E-mail
Tenna Ruest Haarmark NielsenAffiliate (PhD Student)  +45 353-34566E-mail
Thais De Castro BarbosaVisiting Researcher   E-mail
Theresia Maria SchnurrPhD Student  +45 353-37535E-mail
Thi Ai DiepAssistant Professor  +45 353-36498E-mail
Thomas BryrupStudent Assistant  +45 353-34668E-mail
Thomas Michael FrimurerAssociate Professor Group Leader +45 30 29 20 89E-mail
Thomas Svava NielsenStaff Scientist MSc, PhD Mouse Glucose Clamp, Microsurgery, In Vivo Glucose Turnover, Biochemistry, Protein Modification and Signaling +45 353-37536E-mail
Thorkild I.A. SørensenProfessor  +45 23 48 50 71E-mail
Thorsten BrachPostdoc  +45 353-34097E-mail
Thue W. SchwartzProfessor, MD, DMSc Scientific Director +45 22 62 22 25E-mail
Timo Sebastian KernPhD Student  +45 353-34901E-mail
Tina LewisChief Administrative Officer  +45 353-26395E-mail
Tina Hvidtfeldt LorentzenBiomedical Laboratory Technician Purification of DNA, PCR, Sanger sequencing, MODY, OGTT, MMTT, Biobank, physiological studies +45 353-37540E-mail
Tinne Amalie Damgaard NissenMaster's Thesis Student  +45 353-31368E-mail
Tommy Alexander Sigsten PedersenCommunications Officer Internal/external communications, Events, CURIS, PhD. and Postdoc networks +45 353-37527E-mail
Torben HansenProfessor, MD, PhD Acting Scientific Director, Group Leader +45 353-37129E-mail
Trine NielsenAssistant Professor  +45 353-37544E-mail
Trine Friis ToldstedResearch Coordinator Explore and dissemininate funding options. Coordinate, monitor and control processes for the section's funding applications and reporting to the grant provider. Funding and project management, including economy and budgetting +45 23 64 93 70E-mail
Trisha Jean GrevengoedPostdoc  +45 353-34583E-mail
Tue Haldor HansenPostdoc  +45 353-37545E-mail
Tulika AroraPostdoc  +45 353-35383E-mail
Tune Hannes PersAssociate Professor  +45 353-35755E-mail
Tuomas Oskari KilpeläinenAssociate Professor  +45 20 34 06 65E-mail
Ulrik Kirk HansenMaster's Thesis Student  +45 353-31754E-mail
Vadym TkachStaff Scientist  +45 353-37582E-mail
Vibe Charlotte Nylander  +45 353-37546E-mail
Vincent Rosenbaum AppelPhD Student   E-mail
Yuliya Chuiko-LundHR and Communications Officer MA in International Business Communications and Languages; HR: postdoc and TAP hire; Communications: web, press release, PR, text production, internal communication, events +45 353-31254E-mail
Yuvaraj MahendranPostdoc  +45 353-31207E-mail
Zach Gerhart-HinesAssociate Professor Group Leader +45 60 67 06 82E-mail