Section for Science Communication – University of Copenhagen

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Section for Science Communication

The Section for Science Communication is based at Medical Museion, a combined medical museum and research unit at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. Here, we produce experimental exhibitions, events, and social media communication to engage people with metabolic research in its historical, cultural, and philosophical context. We also produce ‘pop up’ events and exhibits at the Panum Building and at conferences and festivals. In our communication work, we focus on how to show how science works; exhibiting the fascinating processes of discovery and the hands-on skills of laboratory science, rather than just disseminating results.   Information about our exhibitions and events can be found at  

The Section is also a research group. We do humanities research about the topics of our exhibitions, which informs their content and produces peer-reviewed publications in history, philosophy, and science communication studies. We do museological research investigating how biomedical research can be displayed, and how scientists and artists can be involved collaboratively in producing exhibitions and events. And we do curatorial research on the objects in our historical collections, and on new acquisitions including scientific equipment used by Center researchers – continuing to add to the museum collections to ensure that we’ll be able to make future exhibitions about today’s cutting edge research.  

Staff in the Section teach on courses in science communication, medical humanities, and responsible conduct of research, and support social media training and other communication activities at the Center. Students in our section are registered on the Medicine, Culture, and Society graduate programme.